Tuesday, September 22, 2009

OS X Snow Leopard and broken scrolling in MacVim

My upgrade to Snow Leopard has been pretty smooth sailing bar one annoying hitch. After the upgrade MacVim stopped scrolling properly.

When you scroll down only the last few lines on the screen update and scrolling up only the first few lines. This requires you CTRL-L to redraw the window every time you've finished scrolling.


Looks like this is caused by MacVim's support for ATSUI which has been deprecated in favour of Core Text in Snow Leopard.

If you are experiencing this you can simply turn the ATSUI renderer off by unchecking MacVim -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Use ATSUI renderer.

This is switched off by default so most people won't be affected by this. At the time of this post there was no real indication from the MacVim project if they'd be switching to Core Text in the future in addition to using the ATSUI renderer.

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