Sunday, February 22, 2009

Silly Rails Environment Optimisation

Do you find supplying the ./script base directory for any of the commands you want to run in it annoying?

Why not practice some Convention over Configuration and assume these commands will always be run from within a valid rails project directory.

Based on this assumption you can drop the following into your .bash_profile (OS X) or some system-wide profile to facilitate some laziness:
# Rails aliases
alias about="./script/about"
alias console="./script/console"
alias dbconsole="./script/dbconsole"
alias destroy="./script/destroy"
alias generate="./script/generate"
alias performance="./script/performance"
alias plugin="./script/plugin"
alias process="./script/process"
alias runner="./script/runner"
alias server="./script/server"
Don't forget to load it into you current shell with:
$ . ~/.bash_profile
Now you can simply run 'console', 'dbconsole', 'server', etc. when you're in a valid rails project directory without having to append that annoying base directory.

Caveat: If similar commands exist on your system or are introduced by a non-rails package a conflict will arise and the alias version of the command will win. Also, TAB-completion now no longer works for these commands and you'll have to type them out in their entirety.

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