Friday, May 30, 2008

Cacti Segfaults

I recently did a cacti installation for a customer and ended up skipping step #3 from the Install and Configure Cacti guide.

Step in question:
shell> mysql cacti 
Why would I have skipped this very crucial step you might say?

Well, the installation was done in two sessions with enough time having elapsed between the initial and final sessions that I had gotten hazy on what was and wasn't done. I had created the database but just never took the next step.

After completing the rest of the configuration I fired Cacti but via my browser and php promptly did a segfault and lay there on the ground haemorrhaging. From my recent experience php has a propensity to do this in two specific cases:
  • Something went awry with a database connection or using a database resource
  • You're pushing the php boundaries with recursive regexps in a pre_match*() function
Once I sat down and went through each of the steps required to set the beastie up I realized I simply needed to import the db schema and initial data to get things going.



Bucky24 said...

You're a lifesaver. I was searching Google for hours before I found this post. Works like a champ.

You'd think Cacti would do something a little cleaner, like "hey your database is empty", instead of just dying.

Gene Wood said...

Very nice. Thank you so much. Was stumped on this one.

Jeez, cacti should really deal with this more gracefully

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